Why Wedding Photography Is Expensive?

For a wedding Photographer, it’s not an instance of turning up and taking a couple of shots and after that giving you a circle of pictures. There is significantly more engaged with making the ideal memory of your wedding.

There are many reasons why there are so many cheap photographers out there. Here are some of the most common ones:



The most vital (and self-evident) part is the work. A normal wedding can last from anything between 8-10 hours. Asian weddings extend from 10-18 hours!

Amid the wedding, they will circle, be dodging, be jumping, creep and in some cases climbing! All to get those minutes that would some way or another be missed.Doing all that for 6-18 hours is depleting.

Also, to guarantee they catch everything, they will have taken between 800 – 1200 photographs before the day’s over. Once in a while more. Additionally, if your picture taker accompanies a collaborator, at that point the cost goes up, as they need to pay them too.

unseem work.jpg4

The vast majority are unconscious that a picture taker’s activity does not end when the wedding does. It’s normal for individuals to feel that it’s a basic instance of downloading the pictures and putting them on a circle.

The truth of the matter is, while the love bird’s fly off on the special first night, the picture taker is as yet dealing with their photographs.

Contingent upon what number of photographs they caught, they could spend anything from 5-14 days handling every one of the pictures of the day. By and large, handling includes disposing of flaws, editing and altering shading and differentiation.



Mariage Civil à Vevey

Once in a while, it’s incomprehensible for one individual to process such huge numbers of photographs, particularly if the customers request a gigantic measure of photographs to be conveyed inside a brief timeframe outline. Take Asian wedding photography, for instance, the festivals of other nation weddings can continue for 6-7 days. Envision the quantity of picture aggregated in that time.

In this occurrence, it might be essential for a picture taker to outsource a portion of the preparing.


The gear your picture taker conveys to the shoot is no standard camera hardware. Proficient advanced cameras and focal points can cost anything from £1200 – £6000.

Furthermore, that is only for the essential camera body and focal point! A decent picture taker will continually bring a reinforcement camera (or cameras) and additionally different sorts of focal points in the event that the essential fall flat.


With hardware of that esteem, savvy picture takers have all their apparatus guaranteed if there should be an occurrence of harm or robbery. Additionally, Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity are fundamental for any independent picture taker.



A compelling path for picture takers to advertise themselves is an expert site. Most picture takers don’t have website architecture marketing and adverting aptitudes, so they need to utilize an expert website specialist.

Getting a site outlined could cost anything from £1200 – £4000+. Also, we should not overlook the cost of web facilitating, upkeep, updates and specialized help.



wedding invitation


It’s relatively difficult to keep away from fuel and travel costs. Conveying all that hardware on open transport isn’t even an alternative. Particularly since most weddings happen amidst no place.



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