The Catholic Wedding Ceremony


In case you’re arranging a Catholic function, you have many choices to make.  processional and recessional music, you’ll have to pick songs, Psalms, readings, and gift. Somewhat befuddled? Here’s a well-ordered guide through the customary Catholic service to enable you to design.

The Processional

the proffesstional

To start with the prep and the best man enter from the side of the congregation. At that point, the bridesmaids and groomsmen each other up the walkway, trailed by the cleaning specialist of respect, who enters alone. Furthermore, last however surely not minimum, the lady and her dad (or another male relative) make their stupendous passage.



The minister welcomes the wedding visitors to participate in an opening psalm (or tune).

Welcome or Opening Prayer

Georige and Philip's Wonderful Marrakech Wedding, April 2011 Geo

After the song, the priest starts the mass with a welcome to the visitors or an opening supplication.

Old Testament Reading

Young adults in a Bible study.

Here’s your chance to incorporate those individuals you couldn’t crush into your marriage party—ask a companion or relative to peruse a section of the Old Testament. Regularly, couples pick a perusing from the book of Genesis, which contains the account of the making of Adam and Eve.



You can either have the congregation soloist or the whole assemblage sings the Psalm. A few decisions incorporate “Taste and See the Goodness of the Lord,” “Sing a New Song,” and “On Eagle’s Wings.”

New Testament Reading


Here’s another opportunity to incorporate a friend or family member. Pick a companion or relative to peruse a section of your browsing the New Testament.



The priest will read a section from one of the initial four books of the New Testament, composed by the missionaries Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.



After the Gospel, the priest will elucidate or ponder what he has quite recently perused.

Vows and Ring Ceremony

Vows and Ring Ceremony

You have no less than three options. You can retain and discuss the promises to each other, read the pledges from the book, or have the minister read them and react with “I do.” Some priest may enable you to compose your own promises or add a few lines to the customary ones. After you trade pledges, you’ll trade rings and the priest will favor them as images of your adoration and devotion.

The Kiss

The Kiss.j2pg

You can likely make sense of this one all alone. Rather than “You may now kiss the lady of the hour,” you may request that the minister says “You may now trade a kiss.”

Nuptial Blessing

Nuptial Blessing

The priest favors your new union with a petition.

Sign of Peace

Sign of Peace

The visitors and wedding party trade an indication of peace, by shaking hands and saying, “Peace be with you.”



The priest offers fellowship to the individuals from the congregation. By and large, at the practice, he’ll solicit which individuals from the wedding party intend to take communion. At that point at the function, your non-Catholic specialists can stroll through the line and give him a subtle gesture.

Lord’s Prayer

Lord's Prayer

The whole assemblage says the Lord’s Prayer as one.

Blessing and Dismissal of Congregation


wedding invitation card

Blessing and Dismissal of Congregation1

One all the more gift, and after that, the minister will expel the assembly by saying, “This mass has finished.


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